This is a continuation of my article series on Kong API gateway and this one will go though the steps to change the default log format of the Kong API gateway with the desired style.

Role of Nginx

Kong is built on NGINX, and uses Lua to implement its API functionality, whereas the API management module relies completely on native, high‑performance capabilities that are implemented as NGINX Plus modules. So the format of the log lines in Kong is determined by corresponding configuration in the NGINX service.

# Sample Log Line from Default log Pattern - - [05/May/2021:08:19:40 +0000] "POST /api/service/getinfo HTTP/1.1" 200…

This is collection of most frequently used git commits with explanations to some of the git concepts.

Basic git commands

#When working with your own repo
git clone {repo url} //get remote repo
git add . //add changes to local
git commit -m "Commit message" //add commit
git push origin master //git push to remote master
git push origin branch //git push to remote branch
git pull origin master //git pull from remote master
git pull origin branch //git pull from remote branch
#When working with a copy of original (first folk the original repo)
git remote -v…

API security is so important for any system as it exposes sensitive data like medical, financial, personal etc for public consumption. So resource security and authentication takes an uttermost significance in configuring any enterprise API gateway. Here I am guiding you through the steps to configure the Kong API gateway reliably and securely with it’s OpenId connect plugin.

OpenID is an authentication protocol based on the OAuth 2.0 family of specifications which enables an end-user to communicate with a relying party. This communication is done through the exchange of an identifier. It enables clients to verify the identity of the…

Let’s apply the plugins

This is a extension of my previous blog where I introduced the Kong API gateway and it’s main components. So if you are new to this wonderful product or the API gateway concepts, you can read it to brush up your knowledge before we go ahead and configure the plugins and advanced plugins on Kong API gateway.

Kong has an extensive collection of plugins which you can easily configure and apply to your APIs using few template and annotations. So here in this article I am discussing on how I configured a comprehensive API gateway in an OpenShift container platform…

Kong from the film King Kong

Hope you are not confused by the thumbnail of this article. So this is not about the Kong from the film King Kong, but a different Kong for your cloud-native platform. I will walk you through the steps to deploy and configure an inner API gateway for your environment with an opensource product called Kong.

What is this Kong?

Kong is an API gateway/platform for multi-cloud and hybrid systems. It is an opensource product having more advanced features in the enterprise version. All the features of this product is available as plugins and those can be easily integrated to API requests via an annotation…

This is a short, last article to complete the installation of a comprehensive Monitoring and Alerting system for cloud-native applications with Prometheus. In the previous articles we looked into the concepts and the steps to setup and integrate Prometheus server, alert-manager, Prom2teams and a dead man’s switch. So now we are going to setup our Dashboards for the monitoring system using Grafana to give a graphical representation for system’s alert rules.


Why Grafana?

Grafana is an opensource, cloud-native, highly available, fast, Software as a Service(SaaS) metrics platform. If can work with several time-series data storage systems and fully compatible with Prometheus matrices…

In the previous article we discussed the basics of Prometheus and the steps to integrate your application with Prometheus server. In this article we will explore another stream of an extensive monitoring system, which is triggering alerts for your production environment.

First let’s see all the different components and the interconnection between them in our overall monitoring system.

Monitoring and alerting is a key component of any system. It is very important to identify and rectify any errors or issues in a live system to ensure a reliable and continuous user experience. So this is the first of several articles to implement a complete monitoring and alerting setup to your service using some of the leading and comprehensive open source products available in the market.

What is Prometheus?

UTC time zones in the world

We often deal with date and time information in our applications and sometimes need to store this information and convert between different time zones. So here I am discussing few use-cases of time zone information and how to properly handle those situations. This article will discuss the below points,

  • What is UTC time & GMT time ?
  • Convert time information between different zones
  • How to store time zone information in MySQL ?

What is UTC time & GMT time ?

Since time needs to be known and coordinated across the entire world, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used as the standard absolute time…

This is a continuation of my previous blog post where I explained the theoretical background of SSL certificates. So now let’s generate the certificates to your website. Here I am going to generate a wild card certificate and import it to the key store and the client trust-store for an API gateway.

1) If you need to generate a Self-signed certificate, then you can directly generate the certificate and key file using the below command.

> openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 500 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout wildlife.key -out wildlife.crt

If you need to create a internal CA signed certificate, then first…

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